Can Marijuana Help People With Parkinson’s Disease?

Can Marijuana Help People With Parkinson’s Disease?

Can Marijuana Help People With Parkinson’s Disease?Parkinson’s disease is a chronic disease that causes a degenerative breakdown in brain and the nervous system. There has been a great deal of anecdotal evidence that marijuana can have a beneficial effect on the disorder, but few researchers tested the theory while marijuana was outlawed. That attitude is changing, and more researchers are looking into the beneficial effect of marijuana, especially treatments using marijuana vaporizers.

Parkinson’s disease is related to several neurodegenerative diseases, and researchers have been experimenting with daily treatment using CBD, or cannabidiol, a compound that occurs naturally in marijuana plants. Other researchers have observed the effects of the full range of compounds in the plant delivered using cannabis vaporizers.Can Marijuana Help People With Parkinson’s Disease?

Improving Quality of Life

Daily treatments of CBD given to Parkinson’s sufferers aren’t a cure for the disorder, but they have demonstrated abilities to improve the well-being and quality of life that patients enjoy after treatment.

People that use medical marijuana vaporizers for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties aren’t surprised. Weed vaporizers have shown promise for people suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, as well as people with joint and nerve pain that comes with arthritis.

Not a Cure, But an Effective Treatment

Can Marijuana Help People With Parkinson’s Disease?The results of some tests are considered inconclusive because the researchers were testing whether the diseases under scrutiny were cured by the treatment. That can give misleading data, because most uses for marijuana given by herbal vaporizers is to improve the quality of life for people with degenerative disorders, not cure them. Parkinson’s patients report measurable relief from their motor symptoms and sleep disturbances after using marijuana vaporizers. To someone that doesn’t suffer from the disease, these might seem like trivial improvements, but Parkinson’s patients describe them as overwhelming improvements.

Taking marijuana using dry herb vaporizers doesn’t have any of the unpleasant effects that smoking marijuana can require, so it’s as gentle and effective a way to deliver the beneficial effects of the herb as you can find. Marijuana also appears to counteract some of the side effects of other drugs administered to patients with many diseases, including Parkinson’s disease. Studies being performed now are demonstrating marijuana’s many beneficial effects on people with neuromuscular disorders, including anti-depressive and anti-psychotic effects.

More Research Is Necessary

Researchers caution that much larger studies need to be performed in order to fully understand the relationship between using marijuana in herbal vaporizers or in pill form to treat neuromuscular disease. Patients don’t care as much why it works; they simply appreciate the fact that finally something seems to work at all.

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