Hottest Vape Pens To Buy

Hottest Vape Pens To Buy

There are plenty of new vape pens online that you can buy for a good price and there’s plenty you need to look and understand the different types that are available. When it comes down to finding the best case vape pen online, you want to look for a few things that will make the vaping a lot easier for you to understand and buy when it all comes down to the type you need to get.  There are so many different reasons why the vape pen you need to buy needs to be the very best. It starts with the exact type you’re going to get when you need to find you a new and high quality vaporizer online. When it all comes down to exactly what you’re going to buy, you will need to understand exactly what you will be going up against.


Wax Vape Pen

dr-dabber-aura-logoWax vape pens are meant for either dabbing or quickly vaping. There’s still a difference though. The one thing that makes different for the vape pens is the amount of heating that the atomizer can output. There are vape pens capable of producing heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though 100 degrees Fahrenheit is to low for the vaporization point, it is still a metric for you to understand the technology developed to how exactly you can set the temperature settings of the disciplined types of vape pens for sale online. When it all comes down to the quality vape pens you want to buy, you need to figure the different variations you need. Like when you get the best type of vaporizer, the SLoBurn technology is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of vaporizers for vaping wax. You Can get very nice, potent and very flavorful draws opposed to a vape pen that won’t give you that quality heating.  If you are looking at main points like the heating, the anodized and coiless vape pens perform the best.   Wax vape pens that use the new ceramic halo atomizers always seem to give the best results.. You don’t have any metals, any messes or any alterations when using this atomizer and usually all types of harder concentrates are best for this vaporization method.      Overall looking at the quality of the atomizers is one of the most important things.  You also want a quality wax pen that will show you the specific type of heating level.

Hot Wax Vape Pen

KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer


is a high quality vaporizer that produces amazing vapor density with SLoBurn technology as you can actually set 3 different temperature settings with the new temperature controlled battery this vaporizer comes with. 3 Temperature settings for the Galaxy are (350°, 390°, 430° which is perfect for all the different types of viscosity of oils, concentrates and waxes you can use. The KandyPens Galaxy is a vape pen that also comnes with 3 different atomizers. The atomizers you’re going to get are a dual quarts rod atomizer with wrapped titanium coils, Japanese cotton wicks, ceramic halo dish glass atomizer, dual quartz atomizer. These 3 different atomizers specifically give you the best possible vaporization. No other vape pen will give you a better experience then the KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer.

Dr. Dabber Aura Vaporizer


The Dr. Dabber Aura is a high quality vape pen similar to the KandyPens Galaxy vaporizer. Instead the Dr. Dabber Aura uses a little bit more technology but still has 3 different temperature settings with a controlled LED light battery and it comes with 3 similar atomizers including the ceramic halo atomizer as well with the SLoBurn technology. The only difference is the fact that this vaporizer doesn’t use any type of threading, instead, this vaporizer uses a magnetic pull to where you get a quality pull every time you vape out with this vaporizer with the threading securely intact for the vaping sessions to continue, this is more secure than the actual threading and it is 10x quicker as well as safer since you can’t strip the threadings out. The Dr. Dabber aura is a little more costly vaporizer, it retails for $89 but Health Vaporizers sells it for $79.95.

Herb Vape Pens


Herbal vape pens are coming along great in this industry. When it comes down to the type of herbal pen you’re going to buy, there’s only a few things you need. You need a quality battery and a quality atomizer that’s simply a convection heating atomizer. Having an isolated air-pathway will make it a lot easier for anyone trying to get the best possible vaporization to be able to taste all the flavor when using a herbal vape pen. There’s plenty of different types of herbal vape pens for sale online that you can select and buy all the different types. Vape pens do so much for you when it all comes down to. You get the highest quality experience every time you use an herbal vape pen. When it all comes down to what you like, you will get everything you need in the end. Buying a high quality herbal vape pen is very important for anyone that needs the best quality vaping experience.

Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer


The Vaporite Cosmic is a beautiful vaporizer. It is a new vaporizer that just came out in 2016 and is taking the market by surprise. With Blue-tooth technology, the Vaporite cosmic clearly outperforms all the different vaporizer companies in this world so you can give the best vaping experience inside a vaporizer that’s built similar to the Atmos Orbit. Blue-tooth technology enables the user to remotely control the vaporizer from a smart phone app on your cell phone. When it comes down to it, blue-tooth technology has everything by a science and gives you ever metric you need to have the most optimal experience any time you need an amazing vaporizer. a side from all the amazing features, the Vaporite company just couldn’t give you enough and decided to give you an added bonus which is a water bubbler adapter which will cool your vapor off so you can take the hardest hits without the heat burning your throat.

Vaporite Platinum Plus Vaporizer


Vaporite Platinum plus vaporizer is an amazing vaporizer that does so many things. It has 7 different temperature control settings and heating up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. With temperatures low enough for you to experience different variations if you have different herbs, you can get all the best experiences in the world with the Vaporite Platinum plus. It is a blue-tooth vaporizer which means you will get all the different benefits to what you need as far as the many different metrics which makes this a mega vaporizer when it all comes down to it. If you want a high quality vaporizer, this is the one for you to get. You want a high quality vaporizer, it is the vaporite platinum plus that will give you all the best vaping in the world. Understanding that this is the vaporizer you need to get, you can precisely set the temperature settings for this vaporizer so you can get all the best benefits when it all comes down to it. The Vaporite Platinum plus carries up to 80watts making a variable voltage and wattage semi-box mod vaporizer which uses 3 different atomizers. You can load hash oils to e-juices as the liquid top tank will detect the type of substance loaded, the viscosity as well as measuring out how much liquids and pulls you have left based off the smart vape technology which is the memory of the past usage from the vaporizer. This is a vapor pen that learns what you do so using this vaporizer and breaking it in will better personalize your experience for future vape settings. This vaporizer also comes with a lifetime warranty as well.