Hemp Farming and Social Evolution

Hemp Farming and Social Evolution

There are many different types of marijuana smokers that exist in this country, from the recreational user to the medical user. The casual pot smoker typically consumes this substance with a portable vaporizer and uses it as an entertainment activity in which she likes to stimulate his mind and access the creative centers of his neurological structure. The medical user, however, has a different approach to marijuana smoking and usage. He consumes this substance in order to alleviate his pain, whether it be mental anxiety, or of physical pain such as intense back pain and muscle spasms which marijuana has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on within advanced treatment sessions. Regardless of which method you prefer, we must come to admit that there are many beneficial uses to the marijuana plants, and it can no longer be labeled as a substance gravitated to buy hippies and losers. These social stereotypes have their roots from the 1970s and all of the related controversy that existed back in that time. But we must throw off these heavily weighted paradigms and come to a new understanding of marijuana smokers and it’s role in our society. There are many beneficial uses to marijuana, as well as the hemp plant, from medicine to fuel. The hemp plant is known to contain omega-3 fatty acids as well as beneficial proteins that are highly required by your biological structure. Hemp is also a great source for paper products and building materials as well, making it a truly universal plant that can be used for many different applications within our society. Hemp farming could be a booming business within this society that could really help the sustainability of our planet and help advance our civilization into a new era of economic growth and prosperity.

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Whether or not you agree with this paradigm, you must certainly agree that hemp is an extremely useful product that should be taken advantage of for its many valuable uses. Due to this fact, our government should permit the growth, sale, and free market taxation of this powerful herb to allow our society to reap the many positive benefits that would impact it in such a way to allow it to flourish extraordinarily well. If we are able to simply throw off these anchors of negative beliefs about this powerful plant, then we can reach a precipice of understanding which will allow us to look at this positive plant with a more mature viewpoint which will allow us to make some social progress to catalyze further evolution of our technologically advanced civilized nation. Many different people will agree with this statement, but surprisingly there are still a large number of people in this country that disagree with the legalization of marijuana. It seems that they have a narrow viewpoints on the subject, and are only able to look at it from the angle of drug abuse and the problems that go along with that.Hemp Farming and Social Evolution

While certainly there are some negative aspects surrounding the recreational usage of the substance, such as it being a gateway drug which leads users into more harmful substances in the experimentations that go along with that whole process. But we mustn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater when making these negative analyzations. We must make calculated decisions which allow us to have the benefits of the medical use of the plants, while still addressing the undesirable aspects that spawn from the recreational usage that has plagued the teenagers of this country for so long. But I believe, that most of this gateway type of drug usage as a resulted from the fact that marijuana is illegal and therefore it gets lumped in and sold along with the rest of these harmful drugs on the underground market. If it were allowed to the sold and taxed in the free marketplace, users would be able to purchase the drugs from licensed retailers instead of illegal dealers on street corners who would offer her the customers more harmful substances when their supplies ran low. I believe this plays a major role in the marijuana Gateway paradigm and all those associated risks that go along with that negative association. It’s time we relieve this powerful substance from these negative connotations and allow the acceleration of the recreational usage for all of our civilization.

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