Best Portable Hybrid Vaporizers (Weed and Wax) In 2019

The best marijuana vaporizers tend to be specifically designed for dry herb, waxes, or oils. Vape pens are typically paired with concentrates, while box mod units are most commonly used with dry herb material. But where does that leave consumers that want the best of both worlds? The cost of purchasing two separate devices may be unreasonable for some, so the hope would be to encounter a decent dual use unit. Unfortunately, finding a good hybrid unit can be akin to pulling teeth, and picking a brand that vaporizes weed and wax equally as well is quite challenging. This mini guide is to assist customers with purchasing their ideal hybrid vape at a good price point.


The Mighty

The Mighty is universally agreed upon to be one of the best portable vaporizers in the entire market. It boasts being created by the best company, Storz & Bickel, and it gets accolades for creating consistently perfect cloud quality whether one is vaporizing wax or dry herb. This unit features eight convection heating jets, exact temperature control with cooling top-piece for optimal vapor flavor, powerful dual 2668 mAH batteries, and a simple liquid pad for an easy swap between dabbing and vaping dry herb. The Mighty is currently one of the priciest devices due to its flawless reputation and it sells for $349.99

Boundless CF Hybrid Vaporizer


Boundless has been a trusted brand since its arrival to the industry in 2016. This company offers a great deal of admirable and innovative products such as the Boundless CF for dry herb, and the Boundless CF710 for wax. The Boundless Hybrid is an amazing fusion of the two units listed above, and it’s pretty much a dual user’s dream come true. This bad boy has the standard Boundless strong, beast-like build and internally it’s constructed with a dry herb/wax chamber on one side and 510 thread 60 watt box mod on the other. Among its other features is an LED digital display screen, precision temperature control with a huge range from 140 degrees to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, and a ceramic oven for convenient conduction based heating. The current retail value for this item is $149.99, which classifies it as a mid-end unit and makes it a smart investment for dual-users.


FlowerMate Hybrid X

The FlowerMate Hybrid X is for consumers that are looking for an economic approach to vaping waxes, dry herb and oils all in one. This tiny treasure contains a borosilicate glass mouthpiece and a high-grade ceramic heating chamber, with different interchangeable tanks for one’s vaping pleasure. The dry tank is for marijuana herb, the wax tank for shatter, and the box comes with a sub-ohm compatible tank as well. The FlowerMate Hybrid X also gets points for its stealthy build, and choice of color scheme for customization. Lastly, the fact that its current price point has hit an all-time low of $89.99 makes this a great purchase. Finding decent hybrid devices under one hundred dollars is uncommon.